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Animal Land Toddler Combo


  • Dimensions: 16'W X 19'L X 7'H
  • Outlets: 2
  • Monitors: 1
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Animal Land Toddler Combo

Animal Land Toddler Combo is a safe, entertaining play area for preschoolers. Little guests can play on an elephant-themed climb and slide, climb under the whale tunnel, play hoops with the seal, or sit in the ball pool full of bright, colorful balls.

The inflatable play structure has soft safety walls for containment. Senses are excited through play. Physical dexterity as well as confidence is encouraged through climbing, crawling, and maneuvering through various animal obstacles. Maximum weight 100 lbs per rider up to 10 riders. Good for ages 5 and under.    16'L x19'W x7'H   Rental is $225 for up to 4 hrs. Each additional hr after 4hrs $25